Welcome To Benkiko DAO.

A community scaling micropayment and governance protocol for projects digital native communities.

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Micropayments for the digital economy Payments globally made easier

P2P Micropayments For All.

BenkikoDAO uses a fast blockchain protocol called Stellar.org . Transactions cover DAOs, NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 development. Network scalability ensures that transaction costs remain low for the whole Benkiko digital economy.

Financial freedom with BenkikoDAO Become more connected globally

Reclaim Your Freedom.

BenkikoDAO is building a digital community where creators and users earn and move value sustainably using apps in the ecosystem. You can access the Benkiko digital economy from anywhere in the world, any time; all you need is an internet connection.

Build tools and products for the global market Build once, scale globally with BenkikoDAO

A Scalable Platform By Developers, For Developers.

BenkikoDAO’s composability with the Stellar Blockchain allows developers to build on our infrastructure and use the native Benkiko USD and other known crypto tokens to get paid and transact. We have done the heavy lifting and made it easy to integrate with numerous developer projects.

Let’s govern the future Together!